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Need a custom product design or support? Do you need staff training? Need optimization?

Solve the problems of Developers

Dedicated training courses for programming and web page development for beginner and intermediate programmers

Organizational solutions

Solutions for creating different platforms for secure access to information and improving the efficiency and speed of existing software of organizations

Software production

Production of web applications and smartphone applications based on the latest technologies and methods

In what field do you need to produce software?
Need to design a special automation?

With more than a decade of experience in producing specialized office and store automation software, you can ask for the best.

Start activity by producing form-building software

We implemented the first form-building software in 2012 and put it into operation.

Production of software based on web services

From the beginning, we implemented our production software on the web service platform so that, if necessary, we can use the information in other software to communicate with them.

ayrinSoft Software history

We make your startup ideas a reality

Maybe a special idea is formed in your mind and you need a software team to make this idea a reality, you can trust our knowledge and experience and share it with us. If you can do it and start working, you can even use our servers to start it and reduce your costs.

Web ideas

Websites that do private work and are offered for the first time, or websites that have similar but some features that you have specifically designed for it

Inclusive ideas

Applications that can be used in all countries and are synchronized with other software through the service. In addition to building services and websites, this platform also implements multi-platform software for smartphones so that it can be used offline if possible.

ayrinsoft technologies

Use the latest technologies provided
Perform the highest speed.

We use the latest technologies offered by Microsoft or its company in the field of software production. Most of our efforts in providing products, after high speed of execution, can be used on all platforms. Software that can be installed on all platforms, as well as web-based software can be hosted on Windows and Linux. The choice of database also varies according to the needs of the customer and its executive area, and we have the ability to implement MSSQL and MySQL relational databases, as well as the ability to implement NOSQL databases.


How long is your free software free?

If the software is provided for free use, it will remain free forever. Some software is free to use at the simple level and requires payment at the advanced level.


Do you need to pay to install free software by your team?

Yes. If it is received and installed by your own team, it is completely free, and if there are bugs or optimization suggestions, we will do it for you for free. But if our team connects to your servers and performs installation operations, there is a charge.


Do I have to pay for counseling?

To receive online advice or correspondence. We will contact you as soon as possible to receive advice by sending a message from the relevant page. If you need face-to-face consultation, you will have to pay a small fee.


Have your open-source codes been used in any particular software?

If used, it will be notified both in the code presentation section and on the relevant page of the software.